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Blacka Di Danca teams up with Red Bull and LargeUp

Blacka Di Danca teams up with Red Bull and LargeUp

My friend Blacka Di Danca just announced a brand new partnership with Red Bull and LargeUp!

Dancers play a pivotal role in dancehall music and culture, creating steps that inspire hit songs, and helping artists bring those songs to life through live appearances, and scenes in music videos. A few have even become artists themselves, taking the instructions to their routines direct to the public.

As Instagram and YouTube have helped take dancehall worldwide, dancers have become some of the most visible ambassadors for the culture, bringing dancehall moves from yard to farin and going places where the artists themselves have never even reached, via viral videos, dance classes and other international appearances.

Leading the way in this new era for dancehall has been LargeUp brand ambassador and columnist, and all around-dance phenomenon, Blacka Di Danca. Since making his mark in the New York dancehall scene, Blacka has helped to create an industry around being a dancehall dancer, traveling the world and appearing in videos and stage performances by artists including RihannaDiplo/Major LazerSkrillexCollie Buddz, and A$AP Rocky.
To date, Blacka has taught dancehall workshops to students in over 60 cities in 23 countries, bringing the culture for the first time to new territories like Lithuania and Siberia. His YouTube videos —featuring his own dancehall choreography for songs like Major Lazer  “Cold Water” and “Light It Up” and Dexta Daps’ “Shabba Madda Pot” — have been viewed over 3.5 million times. Beyond the numbers and the co-signs, his earnest passion for spreading love, fitness and cultural awareness through dancehall is what truly makes him a great ambassador.

As long-time believers in Blacka’s vision, we’re hyped to announce that Blacka will be taking his talents to an even higher level through a new partnership with Red Bull and the marketing division of LargeUp, the first between a dancehall dancer and a major international brand. Blacka will continue to spread his love of dancehall dancing, and promote its physical and mental benefits, through educational workshops around the world, and will also be organically integrated into Red Bull events.

“I’m really excited to inspire more people to learn about dancehall,” Blacka says. “I’m happy to be able to use a bigger platform to get the message out to more people. I really want to open up doors for dancehall dancers around the world.”

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