The Story of Fadavi & Co. – FADAVI & CO.

The Story of Fadavi & Co.

The concept of Fadavi & Co. came to fruition years before the tag ‘jewelry designer’ could be attributed to the name Nima Fadavi.  The mind responsible for designing jewelry with influences drawn from aspects of urban culture, horror movies, and crime documentaries, grew up fascinated by jewelry.

The allure of jewelry prompted Nima to begin saving money to buy his very own chain.  His earnings from producing music and DJing gave him the means to do that.  However, his outlook on jewelry changed when a late night idea turned into his first design.  After receiving positive feedback from his peers, Nima pondered the idea of starting his own line of jewelry.  Before he knew it, his vision turned into Fadavi & Co., which has now blossomed into his own business.

By designing his own jewelry, Nima has enabled himself to make bold statements that push the boundaries of what modern day society deems appropriate.  He lets his line speak for itself, acknowledging how some may find it offensive, while others find it brilliant.  Much like a form of art that appeases more than just the eye, Nima is inspired by jewelry that has a presence of it’s own.  He believes his line acts as a form of self expression that allows him to create his own lane in the jewelry world, further contributing to his personal growth.

He takes pride in being able to work with his immediate family who assists him in the distribution and manufacturing side of the business.  Along with running the company as a family, Nima also stresses the importance of having his jewelry made in the USA.  He is motivated to continue delivering unique jewelry while maintaining a mindset where the boundaries of his designs have no limits.
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